Okay, so this is my first post using the Ghost blogging platform.

Before I begin

Let me confess, I am not a great writer of words, more of code. So blogging in general will likely be quite a challenge for me. I have no idea how popular these articles will be; or even how often I will find both the content and the time to post them!

Ghost vs Wordpress

These are the two most popular choices of blogging platforms we have today.


Starting out a solid, free blogging platform which allowed users to choose from many different themes and plugins it was easy to see how it dominated all it's competitors.
I have used and developed with wordpress on many projects over the years. Using it for different purposes. Usually as a CMS rather than a pure blogging platform. Due to it's plugin system and ease of customisation, I found myself using it to host websites I developed for clients. So they can easily manage their own content, rather than to host a blog.

Wordpress got fat.

Once you plug wordpress in, give it a theme, maybe a few plugins to help with comments and other formatting. Your blog is soon pretty slow and heavy to load up.
I know that the team at Wordpress do a really good job at making their platform performant and flexible enough to be used many different projects. However as a pure blogging platform - it maybe too much?


The new kid on the block. The cool kid at that. Powered by Nodejs.

Ghost is a brand new blogging platform, sporting only 97,000 downloads at the time of writing this article! Which is of course peanuts when compared to the much more matured Wordpress.

Ghost is about pure blogging - the writing and the reading.

From the ground up, you can see that Ghost has been tailored for blogging, and blogging alone. Less concerned about custom themeing, plugins and content management usages. This allows Ghost to be very lean and fast - but much more niche.

What I like about Ghost?

I am enjoying the use of markdown in the editor. It is much nicer than playing with a 'kitchen sink' to find the formatting you are looking for.

I feel much more in control of my content with Ghost, especially the formatting of what I write. It is pretty much just like writing markdown into a text document, not worrying about the formatting - Ghost takes care of that for you.
The result article tends to be perfect for reading. Which afterall is what blogging is about.


Okay so hosting a Ghost blog using your own server/hosting plan can be a task which may prove difficult for many bloggers. Especially those more technically challenged.

Although Ghost is a Nodejs application, hosting a Node app using a basic hosting package is still difficult if not impossible, depending on your provider. It is still much easier to host your own Wordpress blog.

Ghost have recently however provided their own hosting plans. From as little as $5 per month. Which I believe to be perfect pricing. At this price it fully competes with any hosting company for a basic package.


Overall I am very impressed with Ghost. I would never want to take anything away from Wordpress, it is a very flexible and well built platform.
But if you are looking for pure blogging - give Ghost a try!